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Why The Shock Effect Of Horrors Is Good For You

As you know, fear is a kind of psychic signal that says that danger lurked somewhere. Like any human emotion, the effects of fear can be useful for our body. However, it is worth remembering that it includes a healthy and pathological fear. The latter kind acts negatively on personal development, and its roots can go far into the subconscious. It shows itself when there is not even the slightest danger on the horizon. Manifested in the form of gratuitous anxious states, forebodings, physical manifestations are not excluded. Let’s return to the first type: healthy fear and find out what does fear do the body and our mental health.

Why Fear Is Good?

Have you ever experienced the situation when in a flash you realized the falsity of some of your phobias? Moreover, such fear helps you to look differently at the situation. This emotion actually hides your true desires. So, when you are in a difficult life period, which can be accompanied by sleep disorders, frequent stressful situations and, most importantly, fear for something or someone, you should ask yourself. Ask yourself why you are afraid. Do not be ashamed to admit to yourself. Maybe it prevents you from becoming the kind of person whose ideal you have been striving for since your childhood. Perhaps you are just simply afraid to satisfy your true needs, and as a result, you create unnecessary problems for yourself, burden yourself.

Fear is an equally important emotion that affects your feelings towards loved ones, because it can improve them or, on the contrary, turn the relationship upside down. In many ways, the reason for this is the boundaries within your personality. And it’s you who created them. In summary, the second benefit of fear is that it helps get rid of these limits. Before you implement the last, admit that you are afraid of something, accept this state. Fear is like a room in which not a single light bulb is lit. Your acceptance acts as a lit candle, helping to see what is hidden in the dark.

However, lots of students experience fear because of new feelings and emotion. Acceptance of fear is a good method increase your vision of life, but it can lead to problems with mental and physical health. You can search for essays on similar topics by typing ‘help me write my paper’ on Google. Fear, adrenaline and mental health is very popular topic through student’s essays.

Also, fear is a faithful assistant in mobilizing human power in the event of a critical and dangerous situation. In addition, thanks to it, you better remember the unpleasant events and the second time you will not get wet hands into the outlet.

How Horror Movies Influence Us?

A group of scientists from Aarhus University in Denmark believes that horror movies are useful. The positive effect is observed when reading books of a similar genre and watch movies that contain elements of horror.

Matthias Klassen, the author of the study, expressed his opinion. The scientist believes that the human psyche is initially set to search for this kind of content. This is a category of benign masochism. It helps people to experience strong emotions. However, there is no real danger. Watching such films can prepare a person for a real threat. As part of the study, experts collected questionnaires from 1.07 thousand men, women, and adolescents living in the United States. At least 54% of respondents said they like to watch horror movies. At the same time, people with a high level of intelligence and fantasy who can even work for edusson.com like horror films, too. Such people, experts say, are prone to creative activity. Also, they are characterized by intellectual stimulation.

The survey showed that the peak of emotional excitement when watching horror films does not occur in 46% of respondents, they do not feel an internal alarm. About 5.6% said they were scared when they watched such films.

Here are two main benefits to watching horrors.

1. Pleasure After The Movie

A really good horror film is a thrilling ride. The heart “jumps out” from the chest, the pressure rises, breathing becomes faster. What is more, this state persists even when the film ends. This is called the process of transmission of excitement, and Glenn Sparks, Ph.D., believes that this is what causes people to draw satisfaction from watching horror movies.

The doctor explains that this process intensifies all the emotions that you experience after the film. For example, if after watching a horror movie you chat with friends, the joy of it will be enhanced at times.

In addition, one study proved that it is the feeling of fear that helps to perceive art better, precisely that it sharpens emotions. Three groups of participants received different tasks before evaluating abstract art. Some sat quietly, the second had to jump 15 to 30 times, and others watched a horror movie. As a result, it turned out that those who watched a horror film later received more pleasure from art.

So, the next time you visit the gallery, watch the horror movie first. The sublime piece of art will impress you more.

2. Ability To Throw Out Aggression

It is proved that people with a developed empathy, which, most often, is accompanied by excellent imagination, developed sympathy, humanism, and emotionality, as a rule, do not like horror films.

Aggressive people, that is, those who are not afraid to go into conflict and often resort to this, on the contrary, prefer exciting, scary movies. Scary movies help to survive the adrenaline rush, unusual, interesting events that are not found in real life and get rid of their aggression.

So, are you in favor of horror films or against them?

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