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Top 7 Car Scenes In Horror Movies

Good horror movie scenes can chill the viewer to the bones in most spectacular ways turning even the most usual things into one hell of a terror. Cars have made lives of a great deal of fictional character a living nightmare over the decades. Let’s be honest. Getting a car is easier with a cheap car rental Las Vegas airport. Or you wanna be killed by a group of sadists in some abandoned hotel with no chance for escape. From demonic ghost car movies to films about deranged psychopaths behind the wheel, we present the reviews of our best picks for the top scary movie car scenes:

  1. The Final Destination 2

Imagine death itself trying to get its hands on you, and the only thing that can save you is a sort of a prophetic dream you get while in a traffic jam. That scene from the Final Destination 2 would definitely make you more careful on the road. Although the whole sequence feels a bit exaggerated, I bet you would still be cautious when riding behind the truck loaded with huge wooden logs.

  1. Hostel 3

Hostel 3 welcomes yet another group of fresh meat in Las Vegas where they meet their demise in the hands of some maniacs. This film will make you think twice before making a deal with suspicious hotel owners in Las Vegas outskirts and maybe consider some of the available best car rental deals in Las Vegas airport and sleep in your huge Limo instead. These dudes could literally sleep in their Limo instead of this hellish hostel. One way or another, the final car chase scene features the main character running away from a maniac who surprisingly runs faster than that car and almost gets the main character. Extremely brutal, this scene places Sixt car rental Las Vegas reviews in our list.

  1. Jeepers Creepers

The car chase scene from Jeepers Creepers features two siblings trying to escape from the grip of an ancient and cryptic demon driving a hellish rusty truck. After going for a car rental in Vegas, the two poor souls get chased by a good-old Chevy Cab with a homicidal man-eating creature behind the wheel.

  1. Death Proof

Not exactly a horror movie, Death Proof directed by fans-favorite Quentin Tarantino is a blood-chilling flick featuring a glorious Chevy Nova and its murderous ex-stuntman motorist. The death-proof stunt car protects that psycho from any damage, but not his victims whom he kills by smashing them.

  1. Joy Ride

Starring late Paul Walker and Steve Sahn, the film explicitly demonstrates what happens when you phone-prank a mentally deranged trucker slash part-time murderer. Upon reviewing the best car rental deals Las Vegas Airport, two friends hop inside the car and go for a joy ride. If there is one thing Joy Ride can teach us, is that you do not want to play with sexually aroused trucker because he might be too determined to poke you one way or another.

  1. Christine

Remember that cartoon called Cars where all the vehicles can talk and have their silly personalities? Then you better prepare for the film in which an all-American Plymouth Fury turns into a hell-van with the evil personality of its own. Based on Stephen King’s novel, Christine is the film that shows us exactly what happens when you become too obsessed with your car. Arnie, the main character, does exactly that, embedding his beloved Fury with a wicked temper, and when his friends try to separate the two, all the hells break loose. Maybe next time they would not try to steal the car and just look at some of the best car rentals in Las Vegas.

  1. The Car

As simple as it sounds, the title of the film points out at the main antagonist of the story. A black Lincoln Continental with a mysterious murderer inside terrorizes the small town of Santa Thea. The local sheriff risks his own life to find and stop the four-wheeled nightmare that has befallen on the heads of the unsuspecting people. The terrifying black silhouette of Lincoln Continental makes the town tremble before the sheriff makes his last stand.

As much as they are dangerous in real life, as it turns out, cars can be nightmarish abominations in horror films. We can all agree that they have become a part of our culture and not just a means of transportation. Guess, we all look forward to expanding this list with new amazing horror scenes with cars playing their leading role.

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