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This Halloween’s Spookiest Games

Halloween is coming. No matter what kind of gamer you are – whether you’re a fan of video games, slot games or even board games –, no doubt you’ve ditched pumpkin carving to give yourself more time to find the spookiest thing to play.

Unfortunately, truly spooky horror games are tricky to find. Many games that call themselves ‘spooky’ turn out to be too weird, too gross or even too funny to deliver the kind of spine-tingling thrills you seek.

Lucky for you though, we’ve done all the hard work already. We’ve trawled through hundreds and hundreds of games (sorting the dead good from the bad) to bring you truly-spooky releases from every genre this Halloween.

We’ve got the scariest first-person shooters for your Xbox, PlayStation and PC, the creepiest online slot machines you can play on your smartphone, as well as all the must-play board games for your next big Halloween party.

So, if you’re brave enough, invite your friends over and get ready to scare yourself senseless playing great games this Halloween.

Considered yourself warned though: these games are seriously spooky. Don’t blame us when you’re hiding behind your pillows, too afraid to sleep on your own and totally convinced that a zombie apocalypse is upon us. . . Have fun!

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