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Tips To Score Well in RedHat RHCE EX300 Certification Exam

All the people working in the IT field or aspiring to work in the IT field know that they need certain certifications to prove their skills during interviews for various posts. No matter how much knowledge you have of the processes and the devices, unless you are certified, you will not be accepted as an expert. This is the reason that most of the IT professionals take some experience and then apply for the certification exams. RedHat certifications are known all over the world. The company gives certifications in all kinds of processes and the individuals can get certified after they have passed the certification exam.

One of the certification isRedHat Certified Engineer(RHCE) which can be earn, but to get it you need to pass Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) which is generally known as RedHat EX200 Exam and as well as EX300. So, you in order to be a RedHat Certified Engineer you need to pass EX300 and EX200 exam. However, one can apply for EX300 exam earlier than Red Hat Certified System Administrator exam, but the certification can be only provided once you have passed both of the exams.

Most people who go for this exam get scared when they look at the syllabus. Any exam that makes you a certified professional is designed to test even the smallest skills that are required for that certification. Hence the exam papers that are created are actually tough. Hence, the students need to prepare really well before applying for the exam. While preparing forRedHat EX300 exam candidates should keep in mind that they will have to give their 100% in the exam if they want to score the passing marks.

If you are someone who is preparing for EX300 and do not know where to start, you are not alone. Most of the first timers feel the same way. This is the reason that we have designed a detailed guide on how you can prepare for this exam and score well in it.

Defining RedHat EX300 Exam

RedHat EX300 exam is a test of the capabilities of the candidates who want to get certified as RedHat Certified Engineers. This test will check your skills and knowledge which is required for a candidate to become a system administrator. This is an expert level exam and only the candidates that have enough practical as well as theoretical knowledge can get certified.

The other information that you should know before you start preparing and fill in the registration form are:

  • Exam Pattern

The candidates will be given 10 to 15 hands-on assignments. This test is not like the regular tests with MCQ questions. The candidates will have to complete these assignments that are actual tasks that Red Hat Enterprise Linux servers would have to deal with on a regular basis. The candidates will have to work on these tasks and complete them successfully in 3 hours and 30 minutes. The candidates are scored on multiple factors. The passing score is 210 from 300 marks. Even though the number of questions given is less, the exam in itself is pretty tough.

  • Eligibility

There are two eligibility criteria that a person needs to fulfill to get certified. One of them is that the candidate should be over the age of 18 years and the other one is that the candidate should have passed the RHCSA exam, the code of which is EX200. The candidates need to be a Red Hat System Administrator before he or she can apply for the EX300 exam. Some candidates prefer to take both the exams on the same day which can also be done.

  • The languages available

The exam is only available in one language which is English. The study material for the exam is also only available in English.

  • Fee

The candidates have to pay $400 USD to register for the exam. This fee has to be paid each time the candidate sits for this exam.

  • Topics covered

The following skills of the candidates are tested in the exam and they include:

  1. System configuration and management
  2. Network services
  3. Database Services

Each of these has some sub parts. Make sure you go through the syllabus thoroughly before attempting the exam.

What to Do to Score Well?

There are many ways in which the candidate can score well in RedHat EX300 exam. The candidates can pick one on the basis of the time they can give to preparation. Here are some steps that you should follow to prepare well:

  • Find Authentic Study Material

Make sure the study material that you buy is authentic and has been published by some known publisher. One of the books that are required for RedHat EX300 exam preparation is published by PrepAway. There are also video trainings given by the same publisher and you can also take the RHCE Exam Prep Video Workshop which can be accessed.

Download Here:

  • Make a Timetable and Stick to it

Make a timetable where you will be revising every aspect of this syllabus every day. This way you will be in a habit of studying and will be able to complete the course in time. However, it is important that you stick to the timetable.

  • Do Not Ignore the Practical Training

Since we know the questions that are asked will be based on your practical knowledge, you need to include some practical training in your preparation. It is better if you go more practical and less theoretical. It will help you more.

  • Practice Papers are Also Must

The best way to prepare for RedHat EX300 exam is by solving the practice papers. If you can solve the practice papers on a regular basis, it will help you increase your speed. You will only be given 210 minutes in the exam and to solve 15 tasks in such small time needs practice.

  • PrepAway

Yes, when I was preparing for exam EX300 I stuck to found where to get the best study material and how can I pass this exam. Then I turned to PrepAway and this is it. If you are even looking for the best website to pass the EX300 exam,then you should visit PrepAway.

RedHat EX300 exam is tough but it can be easily cleared with some hard work and practice. Make sure you get some experience in the field before you apply for the exam. We cannot emphasize more on the need for getting authentic study material which will help you in the long run. Make sure you do not fall for scams and give your best to get the best.

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