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Top 5 Zombie Themed Slots Games

One of the most popular themed video slots amongst the majority of online casinos is an interesting range of zombie apocalypse type pokies games. Although mainly disguised as scary or even eerie, many of these games tend to have an almost comical outlook on the invasion of half dead corpses. For those that are familiar with Peter Jackson’s trilogy of classic zombie movies such as Braindead and Bad Taste, an interesting array of video slots have been based on the slapstick blockbuster hits. The ever-evolving zombie gaming nation can expect to play countless of these themed slots, however we focus on the 5 top rated and most played zombie pokie hits available at trending online casinos.

  1. Zombies

Simply and aptly named, Zombies is a NetEnt 5 reel, 20 payline horror slots game that was released in 2012. Still owning itself a hotspot at famous online casinos, the game offers players a creepy zombie themed game that produces the mutilated cries of helpless victims and preying zombie whispers upon each spin of the reels. Players can enjoy features such as stacked wilds, random wilds and free spins, while a bonus round is easily triggered and multipliers of up to 10x are up for grabs. The highest jackpot payout is 100, 000 coins which is quite possibly one of the main attractions.

  1. Zombie Rush

This version of a zombie invasion offers players a light hearted theme with fantastic 3D graphics. Designed and powered through Leander Games, players encounter zombies and a powerhouse team of two happy teenagers delighted to destroy them over 5 reels and 20 fixed paylines.

The game includes a Nuclear Bonus feature, free spins, special wilds and an additional interactive bonus round “Find Claire” which is highly rewarding and charming to say in the least.

  1. Lost Vegas

An impressively designed and completely unique spin on a zombie war, the world renowned gaming software provider Microgaming successfully launched Lost Vegas in 2016. Taking into consideration the timing of the launch, the graphics have been built using the latest gaming technology. This is perhaps why the theme of the game is cutting edge and interactive. Offering zombie enthusiasts 5 reels and 243 ways in which you can win, Lost Vegas offers players a double sided story where they can choose between playing the survivors or the brain thirsty zombies. Players can win up to 97 000 credits in a series of random Blackout Bonuses which are awarded at random after a losing spin, free spins, additional free spins bonus round, stacked wilds and finally, expanding wilds.

Due to the dual mode where players can choose a team, the features are endless and cater for two intricate storylines that will keep even the most relentless gamer coming back for more. This happily keeps this online slots game at the top 5 most popular zombie themed video slots.

  1. The Zombies (Zombie Dance Party)

Although a lower RTP rate is offered in this particular zombie themed online slots game, players are still drawn to the unique spin on dancing zombies. Rather than the brain craving monsters that players are so accustomed to, The Zombies offers players a rather unique outlook and displays the family in a more upbeat manner – by dancing! Amaya released this popular game back in 2014 and since then, players have been seeking the dancing family for high, albeit harder to achieve, payouts. A max payout of 2500 coins can be obtained through various winning combinations that can be found dancing over 5 reels and 50 paylines.

Players can choose between two spin features; the Power Game and the Easy Game. The former being higher payouts but more costly, while the latter is easier to achieve payouts but at lower rates. Players can enjoy two bonus features, free spins, retriggers and multipliers.

  1. Plants vs. Zombies

One of the most appealing zombie progressive pokies would be Plants vs. Zombies and mostly for the vast array of bonus games that can be triggered. An almost comical theme brings to life both daisies and zombies; a rather odd combination but one that sets this spectacular game apart from the rest.

Bonus games include the Cherry Bomb bonus feature which awards players with free spins and stacked symbols that detonate to reveal hidden mystery prizes. The second bonus round consists of “Pick Me” symbols which may lead to a level up. The third bonus round comes with watering cans which accumulate coins in a garden.

The second and third bonus rounds allow players the chance at opening the progressive round, making for some interesting gaming regardless of the zombies begging for brains!

Every zombie game is different from the next, but it takes one with unique bonus features and rewarding payouts to set it apart from the others. These corpse themed games offer the best gameplay experience while players get to enjoy exclusive spins on zombie themed pokies games!

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