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Film Review: Ghoulies III – Ghoulies Go to College (1991)

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A college professor summons the little monsters to his campus, where they go on to wreak havoc on the faculty.


Director: John Carl Buechler
Writers: Brent Olson, Luca Bercovici, Jefery Levy
Stars: Kevin McCarthy, Evan MacKenzie, Eva LaRue

As the title gives away, this third installment takes place at a college. Of course, it’s Prank Week (why wouldn’t it be?), with two warring fraternities vying to be named champion pranksters. Kevin McCarthy (Piranha, Invasion of the Body Snatchers), is the mean-spirited professor who hams up the role when attempting to stop Prank Week at any cost.

Professor Ragnar has a secret desire to become an all-powerful being through the use of black magic and employs a spell found in a comic book to invoke three dwarf demons. He succeeds in inviting three Ghoulies, familiar to those who have seen the previous movies in the franchise: a mutant pussycat, a rat-creature, and the one with no hair.

The aforementioned comic book has survived all 21 years of being hidden away behind the toilet wall until a student discovers it and takes it to class. The Professor confiscates it and unleashes the little creatures, who go on to cause havoc among both the teachers and students at Glazier College and generally entering into the spirit of Prank Week.

Ghoulies Go To College features the most impressive special effects in the franchise, which shouldn’t come as a great surprise when you consider that director John Carl Buechler is first and foremost a make-up artist.

Much of the screen time is devoted to college life, with its nonstop panty raids and keg parties, although the Brent Olson screenplay does drop in such names as Roy Lichtenstein, Man Ray, and Magritte for the more academically-inclined viewer.

For those who enjoy laughs with their horror flicks, this sequel provides it in spades. Horror isn’t always meant to be terrifying, of course; sometimes it’s just pure entertainment, as is evident in other forms of media. It’s a popular genre among video gamers, for example, with such classics as Silent Hill 2 and Resident Evil, both available on Sony PlayStation. Online casino horrors can be fun, too, such as those at Bitcasino.io. The casino provides many options when it comes to horror-based games, including Frankenslot’s Monster and Aliens Video Slot. But what kind of laughs do we get in Ghoulies Go To College?

Here, we essentially have a comedy that plays out in the style of Revenge of the Nerds or Animal House, combined with little rubber monsters. Their English is perfect and they love nothing more than drinking beer and watching girls undress before killing them off.  They’re also portrayed much like the Three Stooges: kicking groins, gouging eyes, and doing lots of head bopping.

We get to see them in numerous funny scenarios, such as participating in a panty raid, destroying a frat house, and even driving a golf cart. Another ingredient for any successful horror trope is provided by Playboy playmate Hope Marie Carlton, who provides some eye candy throughout much of the movie.

Ghoulies Go To College does seem slightly out of sync with the time in which it was released, but then there was good reason for this: Distribution firm Vestron went of business, which left the movie collecting cobwebs on the shelf to until its release to home video a few years after it was shot. It may remind some viewers of classic ’80s horror comedies rather than the often more realistic and more gory ’90s horror.

While it may let down those who are seeking the same vibe provided by the first two installments, fans of sequels such as Gremlins 2 or Bride of Chucky will get a kick out of this.

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