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Music Video: Scandroid – Thriller (Cover)

Released just in time for the Halloween season, the lyric video for Scandroid’s cover of “Thriller” pays homage to the original Michael Jackson music video, featuring shots of robotic zombies and werewolves performing “Thriller’s” classic dance moves. “I knew when I started the album (Monochrome) that I wanted to do a Halloween-related track. It only took me 1/4 of a second to conclude this would be my perfect chance to cover a track I loved during the 80s. I probably watched the ‘Thriller’ music video 100+ times on my parents VCR after I recorded it from MTV.” – Klayton “Thriller” appears on Scandroid’s upcoming sophomore album Monochrome, available October 27th, 2017.


  1. As a child of the 80s and a lover of synthwave and horror movies, this cover is TERRIBLE!!! And Horrornews, you should be ashamed of even sharing it. There’s no Vincent Price in it!!! How can it even relate to horror then anyway? It’s a mockery to the original.

    • Ok, child of 80’s
      That’s what comments are for
      However, we are not ashamed of sharing it, or we wouldn’t to begin with
      Though you of course are welcome to share your like or dislike


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