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Most Outrageous Slot Machine Horror Stories

Casinos are not usually known for being scary places. People patronize gambling establishments for entertainment, as a getaway to escape daily life, and for a chance to win money.

Sometimes, horrifying things do happen in casinos. Mixing gambling with people who are already prone to do strange things can put the crazy in motion. Add in a full moon or other superstitious occasion, and be ready to see things you never thought possible in a modern-day casino.

There is something about a slot machine, whether it is the mesmerizing music, comfortable chairs, or the desire to hit that bonus screen one more time before leaving. But being at a slot machine for too long can cause problems, especially when human beings need to answer the call of nature.

At one unnamed casino, the security camera caught a man standing next to a slot machine who started to make movements indicative of someone who should go to the bathroom. But instead of stopping the play, he dropped his pants and squats to poop in the middle of the floor. Minutes later, he decided he had more to give, and he pulled down his pants to do it again, all while continuing to play.

A man at Parx Casino in Pennsylvania once urinated into the coin tray of a slot machine. He was arrested, though the news reports did not say if the move was made out of anger or desperation.

In 2014 in the UK, an Essex man was playing a fruit machine at a bookmaker shop one evening. Evidently, he was intoxicated and became feisty with a security guard. When he chose not to respect the establishment’s wishes to leave, his rage took him to the fruit machine, at which he dropped his pants and jammed himself into the machine. His one-armed bandit got stuck in the machine at some point, and paramedics had to be called. They used an angle grinder and K-Y jelly to remove the man and his little man from the machine.

Sometimes, casino patrons are faced with horrifying incidents near the slot machines. In early 2017, three nicely-dressed men entered the Bellagio in Las Vegas, but things quickly took a turn when they entered a jewelry store near the casino floor, donned pig masks, and showed high-powered weapons. It was a time that a slot machine could have come in handy to hide behind.

Finally, there is the scariest kind of slot machine story. It involved a person who thought she won a jackpot – a $43 million jackpot – but was told she was mistaken.

The incident took place at Resorts World Casino in New York. A young woman played a Sphinx slot machine in August of 2015 and hit the jackpot. The machine showed that she won $42,949,672, and she was in shock. She was told to report back to the casino the following day for her winnings.

When she did return, she was told she won nothing, that the machine malfunctioned and voided all plays. The single mother of four children was then given a ticket from the slot machine for winnings totaling $2.25 and a coupon for a free steak dinner at the property. The management also apologized for any inconvenience the incident may have caused.

The case is now pending in an American court, with the woman seeking the $43 million that the machine promised to pay.

Believing you won a massive, life-changing jackpot and then being told it was a mistake and getting a stake dinner instead is a horrifying slot machine story. One way to avoid such unthinkable horrors is to play at online casinos, where everything is monitored and recorded online. View more here.

It helps that regulated online casinos must answer to a regulatory body and be accountable for every jackpot, leaving less room for the scariest of mistakes that can torment a customer forever. Stranger things have happened, but these were just a few incident casinos face!

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