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A Nightmare on Elm Street Slot Review

A Nightmare on Elm Street needs no introduction to horror fans. This series of terrifying films stars the inimitable Freddy Krueger, and his hapless victims. This demonic entity scared his victims half to death, before eviscerating them in the most gruesome and vile ways imaginable. Krueger would wait until his victims fell asleep, completely helpless and paralyzed by their own fatigue. Then, he would lead them on a cat and mouse chase through his boiler room, or some warped and twisted reality of his own concoction. Needless to say, Nightmare on Elm Street victims stood no chance of survival against Freddy Krueger. His razor blade fingers, serpent tongue, and filthy red green sweater are now the stuff of horror legend.

Before he became a demon entity, he was a sick pedophile who was burned to death in the boiler room. Such was the presence of evil within his devilish soul, that he came back to life to prey upon the very townfolk that lynched him. Freddy Krueger is a tribute to the sheer horror and helplessness we feel when faced with overwhelming evil. He strikes when we are at our weakest… praying on our insecurities before ripping us to shreds. The Krueger name is one that strikes fear into the hearts of its victims, and Wes Craven became the master of horror throughout the duration of the Nightmare on Elm Street series. Robert Englund portrayed Freddy Krueger, and has been immortalized as the villain of all villains. Let’s get ready to explore the sheer terror of A Nightmare on Elm Street and its many spinoffs…

What Makes A Nightmare on Elm Street Slot So Scary?

It’s fascinating to imagine that a slot machine game could be even scarier than the movie. A Nightmare on Elm Street is fashioned off the latest version of Freddy Krueger, and is surprisingly chilling in every way. Slot fans have labeled this the scariest slot game of them all, beating out competing titles like Casper’s Mystery Mirror, Medusa, and even Bloodsuckers. Perhaps it is the realism of this 5-spinning reel slot game that makes it so terrifyingly chilling. The game features 30 paylines and a host of extras, including expanding wilds where Freddy Krueger will cover all positions on reel #3. The Pick Me Game takes place when the wild forms on reel 1, and reel 5. You will be required to select 2 symbols to reveal prizes. And then, there is the Never Sleep Again Bonus Game. When you land 3 bonus symbols on reel 2, reel 3, or reel 4, this round is activated. Stay as far away from Freddy Krueger as possible – if he enters your dreams, you’re done for.

A Nightmare on Elm Street slot is available to fans at the leading mobile bingo sites. It can be enjoyed alongside other riveting slot games and bingo games. These include: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, Hall of Gods Jackpot, Divine Fortune Jackpot, Happy Faces, 99 Time, and many others. This frightfully enticing game is available at the Google Play store, if you dare to go out of your comfort zone to get it… Of course, if all the horror, blood and guts is getting to you, you can always enjoy a slice of 5 line bingo, 75 ball bingo, or 90 ball bingo games. A Nightmare on Elm Street slot is available to bingo players on the go, so you can get a head start on Freddy Krueger. It probably won’t help you much, since Freddy can emerge from your smartphone, tablet or phablet any time you doze off. Remember: 1, 2, Freddy is coming for you… 3, 4, better lock your door… 5, 6, grab the crucifix… 7, 8, don’t stay up late… Your nightmare is about to begin!

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