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Tabbott’s Traveling Carnivale of Terrors (2018)



Tabbott’s Traveling Carnivale of Terrors has been taking its frights around Appalachia since 1925. Business is booming; Offering food, bonfires, costumes, fortune telling, stage acts, games, and music! The treacherous Tabbott family members work together to keep their well-oiled machine-of-deception running according to plan. Papa Everette; the ringleader ringmaster. Mama Gladys; the fat witch upon a throne. Their children: Bobbie; a seductive gypsy. Buck; the temperamental werewolf. Elijah; the sadistic scarecrow. And young Emma; a ghost ignored. The Carnival’s main attraction is a House of Horrors like never seen before; a slaughterhouse for those who visit, and leave nevermore. The moon is full, the carnival erected; for unsuspecting visitors, the night is not what they suspected. Country girl Jess reads a sign in town and takes the bait, and her friend Sarah; ready for an exciting night of fun and frights. As fate would have it; things are not always what they seem, and predator and prey can be difficult to distinguish. A night unlike any other; Jess and Sarah find themselves helplessly entangled in a fatal attraction. This tragic autumn-time tale of the Tabbott family is fraught with murder, cannibalism, abduction, sexual perversion, divination, betrayal, and reckoning. And it may as well be their last. A macabre and psychologically spine chilling story. A disturbingly warm hearted and cold blooded tale of terror.

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