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Welcome to’s exclusive archive of short horror films! This section contains our collective of submitted short horror films, we think you should spend a little time to see. To read our reviews of these, you can simply enter the title in our search box. As films are reviewed, they will be added to our review sections

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Horror Short Film

Horror Short Film: If I Am Your Mirror

SYNOPSIS: An animated film inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Tell Tale Heart”. In a post-Civil War jail, a psychologically scarred veteran (Larry Holden of Batman Begins, Memento), awaits his death by hanging at dawn. Mourning the death of his wife and struggling with post-traumatic nightmares, he seeks revenge on the mysterious street preacher with an evil eye. Trapped between …

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Horror Short Film: Destroy all Spiders (2011)

SYNOPSIS: A B-movie actress (Jamie Normand) & her would-be killer (Martin Hovsepian) are trapped and must put their differences aside in order to fight off giant, intelligent spiders, with a deadly agenda to enslave humanity. “Night of the Living Dead” meets Giant Spiders in “Destroy all Spiders!!” – This short film harkens back to those awful 1970’s drive-in monster movies, …

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Horror Short Film: Fat Kid Massacre

SYNOPSIS: Get ready for the next great contemporary masterpiece of modern day cinema – FAT KID MASSACRE! “Compelling, powerful, thought provoking”.Fat Kid Massacre is a touching story of a former fat kid (Ryan Sandefur) who now struggles with his identity as a muscular, good looking teenager after losing all the weight. The constant target of his former friends – …

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Horror Short Film: The S State (2012)

SYNOPSIS: When American fugitive Ray seeks refuge with his cousin on a South East London council estate, he finds himself in the middle of a mess that forces him to stop running. A new street drug (skank) supplied by Ray’s cousin Vee is turning people into monsters. Neighbour Sylvia buys it for her gran to supress her constant bitching. Nana …

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