Video Madness: Diner of the Living Dead (Fridays Skit)


From episode 3 of Friday’s – 1980 – This clip was banned after showing. In fact I don’t rember this espidoe ever airing again. Times sure have changed with TV shows like “The Walking Dead”. Better for us!

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“Diner of the Living Dead”[1] – In this parody of the famed zombie films of George Romero, a married couple (played by … Continue reading

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Remember The Happy Days Halloween Party Episode

The Halloween episode “Haunted” is counted among the best ever episodes of Happy Days. It first aired on October 29th, 1974.

I was not only a huge Halloween fan when I was a kid, but I was also a monster Happy Days fan ( never missed an episode ).   This Halloween party episode was my favorite, and because of it I couldn’t wait to grow up and through my own COOL Halloween party.

I … Continue reading

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Scary Vintage Halloween Costumes

It’s almost time to answer your door for those trick or treaters. wants to make sure you have plenty of candy to give out.   Oh,  and please be careful if you see any of these vintage halloween costumes.   They may want more than just candy.

Now I’m officially creeped out.

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Silver Shamrock Commercial

It’s time. It’s time. Time for the big giveaway. Halloween has come. All you lucky kids with Silver Shamrock masks, gather ’round your TV set, put on your masks and watch. All witches, all skeletons, all Jack-O-Lanterns, gather ’round and watch. Watch the magic pumpkin. Watch…

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Video Madness: I’m Married to an Alien Abductee

I’m Married To A… | Alien Abductee + Closet Lesbian

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Video Madness: SNL Bates Motel Management School w/ Anthony Perkins


Anthony Perkins on Saturday Night Live

This is a sketch titled “Norman Bates School of Hotel Management”  from Season 1,  Episode 16, of Saturday Night Live w/ host Anthony Perkins.

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Video Madness: Siskel & Ebert – The Evil Dead (1981)

At The Movies w/ Siskel & Ebert review the original 1981 classic, The Evil Dead

Here is a trip back to the 80′s with our favorite duo of movie reviewers. Agree with them or not, Siskel and Ebert are forever part of our culture.  They tackle the Sam Raimi classic, The Evil Dead and while most ( if not all ) of us will not agree … Continue reading

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Video Madness: Call Me Maybe – Wizard World Chicago Comic Con

Just a few days ago at Wizard World Chicago Comic Con a group of Wizard World Digital Team video bloggers got together and produced a crowd-sourced video. This turned out to be an epic undertaking connecting with fans, celebrities and the cosplay community. Celebrity guests included Bruce Campbell, Lesley-Ann Brandt, Katrina Law, Nicole & Brianna Garcia, Jon Bernthal, Adrianne Curry and David Della Rocco!

After pulling … Continue reading

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Video Madness: Hardcore Wrestling International

Hardcore Wrestling International – The Music Video

In the early 90’s there were a group of guys, from the mean streets of Gloucester City, who created a wrestling group literally from the ground up. They quickly made New Jersey the hot bed for “backyard wrestling” before backyard wrestling was trending worldwide. The promotion was called Hardcore Wrestling International, and it soon out grew it’s grass roots … Continue reading

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Video Madness:Human Cockfighting ’96

In 1996 there was something extremely strange going on in California. Professional wrestling was experiencing new levels of interest and while ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling) was taking the East Coast for storm with their own version of hardcore, the West Coast was getting Extreme too, with Extremely Strange Wrestling.

This underground sub-countercultural experience was truly a wrestling event for only the most hardcore of fans. Extremely … Continue reading

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Video Madness: Misfits

Here’s a Misfits video. It’s got some crazy horror clips in it.

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Video Madness: New Extreme Reunion Video

Video Madness: New Extreme Reunion Video

Extreme Championship Wrestling is DEAD, but the wrestlers who brought all the violence and gore in the 1990′s are back for an Extreme Reunion that no one is soon to forget.

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Video Madness: Mike Joy Responds To Austin Idol


Mike Joy of responds to the public feedback and also directly to Professional Wrestler Austin Idol over a recent interview that took a turn for the worse.

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Video Madness: HBO – Reflection of the Past

Welcome one and all to Video Madness. For those of you who don’t know, I’m Professor Fiendy and I scour the Internet looking for cool sh*t to entertain you with while you peruse all the goodness has to offer. Since the news updates are daily, I try to do this daily as well so you have something quick and fun to watch while you do it. I also take suggestions.

I primarily use YouTube. … Continue reading

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Video Madness: The Sims Horror Movie

If you like Sims and Horror, then this little skit won’t only make sense but might just make your day. This little piece originates from the site, check it out!

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Video Madness: Predator Rap

Welcome to 2009, the year that will own your ass. Yeah, that right, kids. We’re all gonna get the short end of the business end on this one. With that in mind, let’s kick it off the way it should be – in style – by opening the door to Music Rm. 138, my favorite subject room next to Foolish Rm. 541.

I love … Continue reading

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