Upcoming Horror Films

Welcome to our section of Upcoming Horror Movies! This section was created just for that sole purpose of keeping our readers up to date on new and upcoming films on the horizon. As we cover and review films, they will be moved from this section into live (reviewed) status.

With the trend of horror titles pouring into the market like a tidal wave, it’s hard to keep track of every new product released. As we come across new titles, and upcoming new releases, you can be sure to check this section of the site for info as it comes to us.

We of course will squeeze in the occasional hero movie, science fiction epic, or cult movie that fits within our site’s agenda. Don’t forget to also check on our movie posters section which is updated all the time with new 1 sheet posters. As a goal, we strive to create instances of every film product that arrives connecting our massive database with “same titles tagging” and related titles association. We hope you keep visiting our site and make an effort to check back here for upcoming horror movies released!

Upcoming Movies: Just Added!

Dead Still (2014)
Dark Mountain (2013)
The Fear Project (2015)
The Editor (2014)
The Den (2013)

Have a new film due out soon? Want YOUR Upcoming Horror Movie creation added to this list? HorrorNews.net has 1000’s of anxious readers wanting to know about your horror production before it arrives. What a better way to get the word out early AND secure a spot in the search engines. Bookmark this page for all the latest upcoming horror film releases!!

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