Unexplained Confidential Column

Mike Joy brings you all the latest on paranormal happenings, ghost chasers, ufo's, conspiracies and general metaphysical updates - A special part of HorrorNews.net that gvies you a taste of reality rather than fiction.

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Interview: Author Marie D. Jones (Deja Vu Enigma)


This week we are interviewing Marie Jones about her new book titled, The Déjà vu Enigma: A Journey Through the Anomalies of Mind, Memory and Time

Mike Joy: What possessed you to write a book on such a widely known but in my opinion, a scarcely believed subject?

Marie Jones: Oh, déjà vu is widely believed and is the most widely reported, and perhaps, the most widely researched anomalous phenomenon. There are … Continue reading

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The Philosopher’s Stone

Philosophers Stone 1

The Scholastic Corporation bought the USA rights to Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone in 1997 for US$105,000 – an unusually high sum for a children’s book. They insisted no American child would want to read a book with the word ‘Philosopher’ in the title and, after some discussion, the American edition was published in October 1998 under the title that author J.K. Rowling suggested, Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone. But … Continue reading

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Unexplained Confidential: Crash, When UFO’s Fall from the Sky


Hey everyone,

Today, we are joined by Kevin Randle, the author of Crash – When UFO’s Fall from the Sky for our Unexplained chat. He gives some good incite into UFO’s and crashes. The next time any of us see something strange in the sky, we are likely the think twice before dismissing it.

Mike Joy: How did you first become interested in UFO phenomenon?

Kevin Randle: I always … Continue reading

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Unexplained Confidential: SPPI


Today we are talking about ghosts with Rhonda from Shadow Patrol Paranormal Investigation. As you will read in this interview, she is not only an investigator but she and her family have experienced a very real haunting in her own home. Grab the popcorn and have a good read, just don’t get too spooked.

Mike Joy: How did you get started with Paranormal Investigations?

Rhonda: Back years ago, in the early 90’s, I moved into … Continue reading

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Unexplained Confidential: Real Monsters

RM Bigfoot 2

Mankind has always been quick to believe in monsters. They are beliefs born out of the unknown and nurtured by the unexplained. They grow out of the dark recesses of the human mind, where shapes and forms often bear no relationship to reality. Monsters are part of our mythological history. They appear in all cultures, past and present, from multi-headed monsters, dog-men, and the Cyclops of Greek mythology to today’s Ufiti, a ghost-ogre said to … Continue reading

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Unexplained Confidential: Aliens the Truth


Greetings Earthling,

“Take me to your leader”. These words have been muttered in many a sci-fi picture. Hollywood and many of its movers and shakers have taken a fancy to the UFO pop culture machine. Through the years, the image of the “grey” or alien that we have become so familiar with, has been tweaked and re-tweaked time and time again. The most powerful imagine from “the movies” that I can … Continue reading

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Unexplained Confidential: Second Exorcism


Believers welcome,
It’s seems only right this Holy time of year that we cast out the demons. If you refer back to my December 2nd column, I posted the First Exorcism and a modern day story of Demoniacal possession. Today, I would like to continue, so here is the Second Exorcism for your twisted entertainment.


I adjure thee, thou old serpent, by the judge of the quick and the … Continue reading

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Unexplained Confidential: Jersey Devil


Peddlers and Journeymen,
There have been many books written about The Jersey Devil, but I don’t want to regurgitate printed material for you guys. Here is an HorrorNews interview exclusive with Laura K. Leuter , director of The Devil Hunters, straight from her research in the Pine Barrens to give you first hand accounts of the beast.

MJ : For our readers who are not familiar with the … Continue reading

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