Film Review: Raising the Stakes (2005)


SYNOPSIS A pair of high school nerds, Steve (Josh Lively) and Bob (Zane Crosby), decide to take their role-playing too seriously walking around in goth make up and clothes pretending to be vampires. When no one takes them seriously, they resort to purchasing a mysterious potion that promises to turn them into children of the night – to make them immortal. Once they have supernatural powers, they find that nothing really changes for them and … Continue reading

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Film Review: Die and Let Live (2006)


SYNOPSIS: Best friends, Benny (Joshua Lively) and Smalls (Zane Crosby), plan to throw an epic party to impress Benny’s crush, Stephenie (Sarah Bower). That night, an accident at a nearby medical testing facility releases a dangerous substance that turns the dead into flesh eating zombies. Too busy trying to impress his Stephanie, Benny fails to notice the living dead have surrounded the party. With the help of Smalls and his friends, Benny must save Stephanie … Continue reading

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