Top 10 Scariest: Youtube Edition – Part 1

Top 10 Scariest: Youtube Edition by Michael James Grise Youtube is full of videos and every once in a while you happen to stumble one one that gives you chills. The scary thing is that it’s hard to tell if these video are fictional. Now there definitely is some very obvious hoax videos out there but, are some of these real? Here is my list of the videos that I personally think are either real … Continue reading

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Is Youtube in on a Horror Trailer Scam?….You be the Judge


This new article came over today from one of our veteran writers for DR Blood. Upon closer inspection, I believe it warrants some attention for the reasons mentioned. As most of us “Horror sites” have experienced maybe once, twice, or our case multiple times, Youtube has a pretty strict policy of NOT accommodating the storage of horror movie trailers. Not ALL mind you by any means (which is evident by the movie trailers you … Continue reading

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