Film Review: Dog Bite Dog (2006)


SYNOPSIS: Cambodian hitman Pang, fresh off the boat in Hong Kong, successfully takes out his target. He doesn’t get very far, however, before the cops are onto him, kicking into motion a manhunt that will claim many more lives. Hiding out in a garbage dump, Pang rescues a girl he finds there from her incestuous father. She immediately attaches herself to her savior, despite the fact that he is a ruthless killer. Unable to abandon … Continue reading

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Film Review: Visible Secret (2001)


SYNOPSIS: Urban tale of fantasies, genre greatly favoured by Hong-Kong cinematography, the latest movie of filmmaker Ann Hui combines elements of horror films with other comical aspects to offer an intriguing and terrifying work of great visual strength REVIEW: VISIBLE SECRETS (2001) Director: Ann Hui Writer: Kwang Abe Producer: John Chang Cinematographer: Arthur Wong Editor: Chi Li Kong Original Music: Tommy Wai Kai – Leung Cast: Eason Chan * i Shu * Anthony Wong Here’s … Continue reading

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