Book Review: Apocalypse Doll Reboot – Author Xavier Cecil


Apocalypse Doll Reboot Author: Xavier Cecil Buy from: (Kindle edition) for $3.99 or paperback for $10.50 A Pop Star, A Geisha, A Martian? And a nation of zombies. It turns out the Zombie Apocalypse was caused by the Robot Apocalypse, and a high-tech mountain stronghold of besieged survivors fights a losing war against a planet-spanning, robotic intelligence with a ruthless agenda leaving no room for human civilization. Zombie-hunters overwhelmed by oceans of the Living … Continue reading

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Book Review: Apocalypse – Author Xavier Cecil


APOCALYPSE DOLL By Xavier Cecil Futuristic earth is plagued by a zombie infestation caused by an undetermined virus. Seemingly all mankind survivors are at the mercy of the ravenous undead hunger. Will the reanimated wipe out human civilization as we know it? Or will a formidable invention be the key to thwart the multitude of ravenous flesh eating society? Xavier Cecil’s efforts are without question innovative, ambitious and provide a creative slant on a genre … Continue reading

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