Film Review: Come Back To Me (2014)


SYNOPSIS: Sarah and Josh are a young married couple who, after a car accident, has their lives start spiraling out of control when Sarah starts having what seems to be night terrors, and soon after becomes pregnant even though Josh claims to be sterile. Sarah hides a camera and soon realizes a horrible secret that is beyond her grasp of reality. REVIEW: Director: Paul Leyden Starring: Katie Walder, Matt Passmore, Nathan Keyes This movie opens … Continue reading

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Come Back to Me in Blood and Terror

Tee-hee and yee-haw, oh ye faithful in blood and terror. I’ve got some good news. That whirlwind of guts, grue and gentlemanly demeanor , Wrath James White has a book that is being turned into one of them moving picture thingies. With sound and color and everything. If you’ve read his work, then you know he never pulls any punches and is prone to some bizarre and kick ass ideas.

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Check Your Health Insurance, D.O.A.II is Coming

To paraphrase a high pitched nutcase from a rather rowdy clan, I tend to enjoy getting a bit f*cked up, then partaking in actions and events that are of an equal condition. Okay, maybe more than just a bit. Why am I telling you this? More importantly, why should you care? Because, if you’re like me, then you should be fairly excited about some f*cked up shit Blood Bound Books has coming your way via … Continue reading

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Book Review: Orgy of Souls – Wrath James White, Maurice Broaddus


ORGY OF SOULS Written by Wrath James White and Maurice Broaddus Published by Apex Publications Publication Date: 2008 Format: Black & White – 138 pages Price: $13.95 ’Why won’t you answer me?’ ‘Not enough,’ a voice finally murmured and extinguished the candles. Samson collapsed into an exhausted heap of spent flesh. ‘I’ve failed.’ ‘Twenty for one. Their blood must be spilled for the covenant to be made.’ Samson shivered as the meaning of the words sank … Continue reading


Book Review: Like P*rno For Psychos – Author Wrath James White


Welcome to another book review. Today we will be talking about p*rn, p*rn for psychos. Whoever could conceive of such a clever title? Wrath James White, that’s who. The guy has a natural talent for hardcore horror and sex, graphic sex. Not just a quick sentence or two, but paragraphs of detailed sex scenes. I have to say that I thought I’d read it all, but this, this tops all the usual horror novels that … Continue reading

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Book Review: Population Zero – Author Wrath James White


Population Zero One man, one goal. One’s own demented method of stopping the overpopulation of earth by sterilization. This novella, short but sick as hell in a good way, was an entertaining read. The story was fast paced and disturbingly brutal as hell. Wrath James White has a knack for freaking out his readers, in the end leaving them craving for more. Wrath’s tale of demented obsession with trying to save the earth will leave … Continue reading

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Book Review: Everybody Dies Famous in a small Town – Author Wrath James White


EVERYBODY DIES FAMOUS IN A SMALL TOWN Written by Wrath James White Published by: Thunderstorm Books Publication Date: 2010 Format: Black /White Price: $13.95 After reading Wrath James White’s previous books I was ready for anything when I received my copy of Everyone Dies Famous in a Small Town. I was expecting another intense and violent and sickly graphic tale of madness and murder. When I read this book I was surprised. The book was … Continue reading


Book Review: The Resurrectionist – Author Wrath James White


THE RESURRECTIONIST Author Wrath James White Published by Leisure Books Publication Date: 2009 Format: Color – 324 pages Price: $7.99 When I found out that Wrath James White was coming out with another book, I knew I had to pick this one up and give it a read. Having read Succulent Prey, I became a fan of Wrath’s writing. He is considered to be the most sick, twisted and depraved writer whose work I’ve had … Continue reading

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Book Review: Succulent Prey – Author Wrath James White


SUCCULENT PREY by Wrath James White Published by Leisure Fiction Publication Date: 2008 Format: Black /White – 307 pages Price: $7.99 Something to sink your teeth into… Ever wondered what it would feel like to feast on an actual human being? Have you ever felt this strong urge to go out and abduct someone because you’ve felt this hunger that was unlike anything you have ever experienced before? Well that’s what the character Joe Miles … Continue reading

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