Film Review: Bloodlust (1961) Review 2


SYNOPSIS: A crazed hunter kidnaps people and turns them loose on his private estate, where he hunts them for sport. REVIEW: I’m pretty sure that no one involved in the production of “The Most Dangerous Game” (1932) ever thought that it was going to be as influential a film as it turned out to be. Why influential? Because it’s been remade thematically at least eight times that I can think of: Hard Target (1993), Surviving … Continue reading

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Film Review: Bloodlust! (1961)

Bloodlust poster 1

SYNOPSIS: “A group of teenagers vacationing in the tropics take a boat out to a seemingly deserted island. They soon find, however, that the island is inhabited by a wealthy recluse and his staff. While their host is initially hospitable, he quickly reveals his true purpose: to hunt down and kill each of his visitors, as he has done with everyone unlucky enough to set foot on his island.” (courtesy IMDB) REVIEW: You know, sometimes, … Continue reading

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