Book Review: Emergence – Author William Vitka


Well, here we go again with Mr. William Vitka. We last visited his world in a stellar end of days account in Infected. His new tale is a prequel to Infected. Something I was very excited to hear about because Emergence Day is spoken about in Infected but you never really find out any details. Well, kiddies, the details have arrived. While Emergence is advertised as a “Dark, gritty young-adult horror fantasy”, I found it … Continue reading

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Book Review: Infected – Author William Vitka


Let me start off with a short tale of my own. It took me a bit of time and patience to receive this book from Mr. Vitka’s publisher. While waiting for the book Mr. Vitka and I actually became email buddies. The book took so much time, in fact, that Mr. Vitka was nice enough to actually purchase me a copy with his hard earned author-dollars. The funny part is the day after Mr. Vitka … Continue reading

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