Film Review: Silver Cell (2011)


SYNOPSIS: A Wicked, Atmospheric journey into the dark depths of the human psyche… REVIEW: Man, oh man. If you’re going to make a film where I have to learn a new vocabulary and this broad convoluted after-death system just to get through the darned thing, you could at least make it a good movie!! Silver Cell is an odd little film that awkwardly mixes dark fantasy, sci-fi and a pinch of horror into a mish-mash … Continue reading

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Film Review: Bloodlock (2008)


  SYNOPSIS: After suffering a nervous breakdown as a result of the death of her mother, Christine and her unfaithful husband Barry (as well as her slutty sister Lisa) move into a new house. They soon discover a huge metal door with a strange lock on it in the basement. After several unsuccessful attempts to open it Christine becomes obsessed with what could possibly be locked up behind the door and seeks help from a … Continue reading

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