Film Review: Where the Dogs Divide Her (2011)


SYNOPSIS: Everard Fletcher finds himself lost in his nightmares trying unravel a mystery displaced in the fabric of time. Encountering haunted visions, hidden memories and his own deceased father, Everard slowly uncovers the truth behind his mother’s death shortly after his birth. REVIEW:


R-Squared Films Picks Up ‘WHERE THE DOGS DIVIDE HER’

R-Squared Films announced that they have picked up the distribution rights for Hunger Cult Films’ WHERE THE DOGS DIVIDE HER. WHERE THE DOGS DIVIDE HER is billed as a murder mystery/ghost story and is from the minds of brothers Martin and Andrew Rutley. WHERE THE DOGS DIVIDE HER was written by Andrew Rutley, directed by Martin Rutley and stars Jon Stoley, Noel Forsythe and Lienite Ozolina. The Rutley brothers are also the masterminds behind the … Continue reading

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