Film Review: We Are The Night (2010)


SYNOPSIS:  A centuries old vampire falls in love with a scruffy pickpocket & transforms her into a creature of the night. REVIEW: Ok, here we are. “Where are we” you ask? Well acolytes, we are in the “Twilight Zone”. I don’t mean the classic Rod Serling series of the 60’s though, I wish it were that easy. No, I mean the pithy, sugary sweet & unfathomably (to me) popular series of “Twilight” films, all stemming … Continue reading

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German director Dennis Gansel announces duo film release!

IFC Films, have  announced the upcoming release of two films from acclaimed German director Dennis Gansel: WE ARE THE NIGHT, a sexy and suspenseful thriller about a young woman initiated into a trio of beautiful female vampires, and THE WAVE, a story of a high school experiment in fascism gone badly wrong. Both films are making their way to U.S. audiences following commercially successful runs in Europe and will have nationwide VOD releases and a … Continue reading

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