Unearthed Books Stephen Biro’s “Dialogue With The Devil” Hits Shelves July 21

Written by Stephen Biro (HELLUCINATION a Memoir, Masters of Taboo Presents Cannibalism, All Work and No Play, The Ultimate Dead Baby Joke Book, The Ultimate Dead Baby Cook Book), and President of Unearthed Films is set to release DIALOGUE WITH THE DEVIL on July 21st. Here are some advanced reviews… Powerful! There was more times, I had to stop reading because this was actually scaring the shi* out of me. It was like reading the … Continue reading

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Unearthed Books brings on the depravity with ‘Hellucination: A Memoir’


Looks like Unearthed Films has gone in the publishing direction as well, this new release just came over on a book written by the president himself. I’ll let you read the details on this trippy new release. A drug-fueled trip through the gruesome levels of Hell may sound like a fictional horror story to some, and since the traveler in question was movie distributor Stephen Biro, it could just as easily have been one of … Continue reading

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