Film Review: Unaware (2011)

SYNOPSIS: A young couple, Joe and Lisa, travel to Texas to visit Joe’s grandfather Roy; however, when they arrive unannounced, they find Roy is not home and will not be returning for a few days. Instead of leaving to stay elsewhere, Joe has other plans convincing Lisa to stay at the home for the weekend. When the visit should take a romantic turn, Joe, allowing his curiosity to get the best of him, begins to … Continue reading

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Unaware: Found footage sci-fi horror documentary style thriller

Check out the new trailer – good to know that foudn footage scenarios are still alive and kicking Unaware (2011) – The producers of Unaware, a found footage sci-fi horror documentary style thriller, just shared some exciting news with Doc Rotten. The independent feature will be showing in the next few months at regional Horror Film festivals in North Carolina and Illinois. Producer Sean Bardin will be appearing at the Nevermore Film Festival in Durham, … Continue reading