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Film Review: Lipstick (2013)

Rate This Movie SYNOPSIS: Supermodel Arina is doing a photo shoot for a new lipstick when she is attacked by a crazed fan. Officer Gotoda comes to her rescue and quickly subdues the young man. Arina’s sister Keiko, who is also her manager, heaps praise on the brave policeman; Arina, still shaken, gives him the lipstick sample from the shoot …

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Film Review: Hitch-Hike (2013)

Rate This Movie SYNOPSIS: The beautiful young Saeko and her abusive husband Yoshio are driving through the Japanese countryside. Yoshio continually makes things unpleasant for his unfortunate wife, fingering her while she’s driving and slapping her whenever his beer spills. They pick up a hitchhiker who, like Yoshio, is a fishing enthusiast. Things quickly turn sour, however, and the moment …

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