Book Review: Triumph of the Walking Dead – Edited by James Lowder


By now, the term “The Walking Dead” is far from being an obscurity with a hit series just finishing its 2nd season prepping for more. Editor James Lowder has assembled an interesting cast of writers in effort to put together different viewpoints and thoughts in relation to this zombie-filled series. The book is titled “Triumph of the Walking Dead”. “Triumph” is divided into separate chapters providing a base for each of the authors essays. The … Continue reading

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‘The Walking Dead’ new book announcement ‘Triumph of the Walking Dead’


Triumphant Zombie Apocalypse – The Walking Dead From B&W Comic to TV Hit The new essay anthology Triumph of The Walking Dead explores the success of Kirkman’s The Walking Dead with television audiences as well as the show’s beginnings as a comic phenomenon. Veteran editor and award-winning author in the horror genre and comics field, James Lowder collects some of the biggest names in the zombie genre, along with other top horror and comics writers, … Continue reading

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