Top 10 Rock ‘n Roll Horror Movies


Upon contemplating my next list, it was quickly apparent to me that there wasn’t much in he way of horror lists involving fictional rock bands / performers as the centerpiece. Not so much real artists like Kiss (though I’ve still included it), or Dee Snider, but horror films centered around the rock act as the main horror antagonist. “Trick or Treat” being a perfect example. Now the usage of the word “top” is rather subjective … Continue reading

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Scary Vintage Halloween Costumes

It’s almost time to answer your door for those trick or treaters.¬† wants to make sure you have plenty of candy to give out.¬†¬† Oh,¬† and please be careful if you see any of these vintage halloween costumes.¬†¬† They may want more than just candy. Now I’m officially creeped out.

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Top 13 Horror Movies that should be remade

Pretty much every hardcore horror fan decries the remake. We have this static notion of what these classic horror movies are, and because they were often done right the first time, we demand that newbies “rent a f*ckin’ movie!” or otherwise cease the feeding of the cash-driven Hollywood machine. The reason it’s done is rather simple: they’re really good stop-gap productions that bring in money. Instead of relying on one or two blockbusters a year … Continue reading


List: 5 Movies for your Halloween Playlist

The Church

Every October, I struggle with what I should watch. There is so much good (and bad) stuff out there, that you have to choose wisely with the free time you have. So, I have decided to share a few of my designated titles for this year’s watching. “The Church” When I was around twelve-years-old, the image of Baphomet having sex with a woman in a huge gothic cathedral was burned into my mind. For years … Continue reading

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Film Review: Trick or Treat (1986)


SYNOPSIS: After learning that his rock ‘n’ roll idol (Tony Fields) died in a fire, teen outcast Eddie Weinbauer (Marc Price) consults a local DJ (Gene Simmons of Kiss) and learns that he can bring his hero back to life by playing his final album backward. With a resuscitated rock star by his side, Eddie’s sure he can rule his high school. But on the night of the annual Halloween dance, everything goes to hell. … Continue reading

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