Top 25 Weirdest Horror Movies I’ve Ever Seen


If your like me, you find yourself frequently growing tired of redundancy in the horror market. You know what I’m talking about…..a group of teens go on a road trip, campers terrorized by woods folks, slasher has rough childhood and grows up, scientist’s secret virus gets loose..shall I go on? In any case, you might change your whole perspective by occasionally throwing on something that is far outside of mainstream and richly inventive. Now out … Continue reading


Film Review: Trailer Park of Terror (2008)


SYNOPSIS: After getting in a crash that left their bus disabled, 6 teens and their pastor try find refuge in a abandoned trailer park. But when they realize they have walked straight into a zombie pit, refuge will be the only thing they didn’t find. Based on the Imperium Comic Series. Cast: Nichole Hiltz – Norma Ed Corbin – Stank Lew Temple – Marv Myk Watford – Roach Trisha Rae Stahl – Loralene Directed By … Continue reading

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