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Book Review: Eye Contact – Author Thomas M. Malafarina

"The eye sees a thing more clearly in dreams than the imagination awake" - Leonardo da Vinci

β€œEye Contact” is an absorbing, terrifying story of the personal nature of reality and a poignant, nerve-wracking exploration into whom or what is our most defining voice amidst the suspension of all sensory input. It reminded me in plan (but not in execution – more on that later) of the non-linear Aronofsky film β€œThe Fountain”, wherein recurring visual motifs and similitude of action grounded us amidst the jump cuts of time, space and character though in β€œEye Contact” we also have the singular β€œvoice” of protagonist David Matson as a through line and the husband and wife team of David and Gina Matson maintain their present day relationship as well.

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Book Review: Burn Phone – Author Thomas M. Malafarina

What if you possessed the ultimate technological weapon?

In "Burn Phone", Thomas Malafarina has a visual artist’s eye for detail and exuberance for the minutiae of his deceptively simple scenes. He writes with the same flourish for violence and tableaus of flesh as Clive Barker and yet he shares the same cosmic vision and torment of inner and outer space of H. P. Lovecraft, all the while working the clichΓ©s and conventions of the genre bravely and unabashedly. All in all, β€œBurn Phone” is one hell of a rollicking horror house ride.

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