Podcast: Horror News Radio – Eps 50


In Fear (2014) tops the 50th episode of Horror News Radio. And, HNR is teaming up with Anchor Bay to provide a Blu-Ray Prize Pack Giveaway including In Fear and No One Lives to one lucky U.S. HNR listener. Thomas Mariani returns to discuss his trip to Austin, Texas to attend South By Southwest and he shares his Top 5 Claustrophobic Horror Films. Doc Rotten steps in for the under-the-weather Dave Dreher this episode for … Continue reading

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Time To Peek At The Next Episode Of THE WALKING DEAD

What did everyone think of last night’s very Daryl-sentric episode of THE WALKING DEAD. You all liking the new “focused” episodes where we just kind of hang around with a character or two for the whole hour? I’m kind of digging it and it was nice to finally hear a little back story on Mr. Dixon. I thought it was an overall pretty excellent hour and it would appear that next week we’ll be hanging … Continue reading

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Two Clips Tease This Weeks THE WALKING DEAD


Damn! Did you catch THE WALKING DEAD last night. The show seems to be firing on all cylinders once again. This was one of the best episodes of the season for me so lets hope we are at the start of a new upward trend. Loving the new character additions and really glad to be back on the road where the danger is ever present. It would appear that this coming weeks episode the light … Continue reading

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A Quick Look At This Coming Weekends THE WALKING DEAD

In this horror fans humble opinion last nights episode was a solid chapter in the continuing saga of our resilient gang of survivors, some truly tense moments and some very well placed surprises made for an extremely entertaining hour of TV but what is past is past and it’s now time to start thinking about what this weekends episode may hold. AMC sent along a first look to get the juices flowing:

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Podcast: Horror News Radio – Eps 45


Nurse 3D is a campy, trashy but oddly entertaining new release from director Douglas Aarniokoski starring Paz de la Huerta as Abigail Russel a psychotic, murderous nurse with a passion for blood and mayhem. The HNR grue-crew review the gory, R-Rated slasher-fest. Thomas continues the theme with the Top 5 of the Week bringing his Top 5 Homicidal Women in Horror featuring films like Fatal Attraction, The Devil’s Rejects and the underrated, under-appreciated Orphan. Co-hosts Doc Rotten, Santos (The Black Saint) Ellin Jr., Dave Dreher and Thomas Mariani also … Continue reading

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THE WALKING DEAD Is Back! Here’s A Sneak Peek At Next Week

So, what did you all think? A solid return for THE WALKING DEAD in my opinion and there is certainly a wide open canvas for our now scattered gang of survivors. No spoilers but You can easily say this return episode only really focused on a few of the characters and from what the following clips reveal we should catch up with everyone else next week, check it out!

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Cast And Crew Talks About What Lies Ahead For The Second Half Of THE WALKING DEAD S4

AMC just let loose another featurette to get us all fired up for the return of THE WALKING DEAD on Feb. 9th. This is a nice, long look where quite a few of those involved walk us through some new footage and lead us down a pretty non-spoiler trail to all the exciting things that lie ahead as our group find themselves separated and back out on the road. Feb. 9th at 9 PM brings … Continue reading

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New Promo Video Teases The Second Half Of THE WALKING DEAD S4

As we all sit here staring at our TV’s on Sunday nights not sure of what to do, what to watch we can all take solace in the fact Feb. 9th is only a few more weeks away and then THE WALKING DEAD gang will be back, well the ones that survived at least. We left the gang in a pretty tough spot when we last seen them and it doesn’t appear things are going … Continue reading

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Is It Possible To Scare Daryl Dixon? Watch And Find Out

THE WALKING DEAD folks are over in Tokyo promoting the start of Season Four and they decided to have a little fun at the expense of show star Norman Reedus who of course plays fan favorite Daryl Dixon. The press release to came with the video explains things perfectly so read on and then enjoy the show! FOX, leading international entertainment pay-TV network and broadcaster of “The Walking Dead” in 125 countries outside the USA, … Continue reading

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AMC Honchos Talk About THE WALKING DEAD Spinoff

A couple of the big wigs at AMC have gone on the record about the much talked about, much anticipated spinoff series to THE WALKING DEAD that is supposed to be heading our way in 2015. Seems things really are not moving too much. AMC head of programming oel Stillerman had this to say when the folks at VULTURE inquired: “Robert has some things on his plate. He continues to write every issue of the … Continue reading

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Horror Scores Big At The Peoples Choice Awards

While most of us were watching AMERICAN HORROR STORY last night the show was busy on another channel winning itself an award at the first major awards show of the season. The PEOPLES CHOICE AWARDS went down last night and the horror genre was more than adequately represented. Below is a quick list of genre-centric winners. Favorite Cable Drama: THE WALKING DEAD Favorite TV Movie/Mini-series: AMERICAN HORROR STORY

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Kirkman Teases How THE WALKING DEAD S4 Will End

Well, kinda. He doesn’t really say how it will end more than he hints at better things to come for our pack of weary survivors. To say the mid season finale was a little dark and depressing would be the understatement of the year. Our intrepid team of zombie slayers have lost a mentor and been chased from their safety net and are now back out amongst all the evils the real world has to … Continue reading

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Nicotero Talks THE WALKING DEAD Spinoff Series

There is no questioning the popularity or quality of AMC’s THE WALKING DEAD but does it really need a spinoff? I’m curious about what you all think of a second story line happening in THE WALKING DEAD universe. I’m on the fence myself. While I’m all for the genre expanding its hold on the small screen I fear “zombie overload” occurring, actually I think it’s already happening and I fear for the future of genre … Continue reading

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Podcast: Horror News Radio – Eps 35


Oldboy is the review of the week – the latest film from Spike Lee, and the remake of the 2003 Korean film from Chan-wook Park. Before the grue-crew dive into the deviant manipulations guiding the life of Josh Brolin’s Joe Doucett, we cover the mid-season finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead. It is an episode full of zombie shocks and jaw-dropping twists.

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THE WALKING DEAD Returns In February – Here’s A Sneak Peek Of What’s To Come

SPOILER ALERT – PROCEED WITH CAUTION!! Wow, what an hour of TV! Last nights mid season finale of season four of THE WALKING DEAD was phenomenal. After what has been a strong but somewhat taxing couple of episodes TWD got its legs back and in a big way. Numerous jaw dropping moments have left fans in shock and set the stage for what could be some of the best horror TV in a while when … Continue reading

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A Couple Of Video Sneak Peeks At Next Weeks Episode Of THE WALKING DEAD

We are at episode eight already of this season of THE WALKING DEAD. You know what that means, the dreaded mid-season break. When the hell did this craze become the norm. I hate the “mid-season” break, it disrupts the flow of the story, it screws up your DVR recorder and more importantly it makes us wait for over a month for a new episode for no apparent reason. Regardless of my hatred of them they … Continue reading

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Get INFECTED In This Clip For Tonight’s Episode Of THE WALKING DEAD

Tonight’s episode of THE WALKING DEAD is titled INFECTED and as I discussed with my podcast mates at HORROR NEWS RADIO earlier in the week, I think we are about to witness a major plot change and the clip I’m about to show you further cements my thinking. Last weeks premiere drew HUGE numbers and I suspect tonight will be as large if not larger as word of mouth has really set the internet on … Continue reading

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Podcast: Evolution of The Apocalypse – The Walking Dead – Season 4 Episode 1


Evolution of the Apocalypse Reviews AMC’s The Walking Dead : Season 4 , Episode 1 – “30 Days without an Accident” originally aired 10/13/2013  

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Podcast: Horror News Radio – Eps 28


This week, join the grue-crew fending off giant spiders and battling rouge government agents as Big Ass Spider and Machete Kills get their moments in the Horror News Radio Spotlight. Director Mike Mendez joins co-hosts Doc Rotten, Dave Dreher, Santos (The Black Saint) Ellin Jr., Thomas Mariani and Vixen to discuss his big bug opus Big Ass Spider and Dave once again discusses all the horror news worth talking about while Doc announces another spectacular contest sure to blow … Continue reading

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Halloween Giveaway: The Walking Dead Season 3 – Zombie Head Aquarium BR Set!!


Alright, I know what your thinking….just in time for Halloween, what a cool decoration this would make. But let’s not forget the full season 3 bluray set!  Did i mention this thing lights up! And if you are scratching your head on where the on button for this thing is, you might want to take a look at the #3 on the front. Yep, it’s the kind of thing that will make your friends envious … Continue reading

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What To Expect From The Walking Dead’s Season Four Premiere

It’s going to be zombies, guts, and gore galore when The Walking Dead finally returns to AMC for the season four premiere. We most recently got a look into what we can expect from the episode by way of a 30-second clip that debuted during the series finale of Breaking Bad. Even though plenty of folks are still mourning the death of that much loved, universally acclaimed show, at least we all have The Walking … Continue reading

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