Film Review: The Unmoved Mover (2008)


SYNOPSIS: A head of a factory starts using one of his female workers as a toy in more and more sadistic ways. REVIEW: From time to time a film comes along that will completely divide an audience. There is black and white, love or hate, nothing in between. Unmoved Mover is one of these films. Directed by Lukasz Barczyk it is a psychological journey through sexual abuse and the suppressed desires and emotions of men … Continue reading

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The Unmoved Mover: New Thriller from Vanguard Cinema


In The Tradition of “TOKYO DECADENCE” and “HOSTEL” Unmoved Movers is a sexual thriller. It starts like a sad story of human conditions which soon turns into a bad dream, and ultimately regresses into a violent nightmare. Based on real events in a small suburban town in Poland, that captured the attention and shock of a nation, Unmoved Mover tells the story of a group of seemingly ordinary people in a seemingly ordinary small community, … Continue reading

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