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Film Review: The Tunnel (2011)

Rate This Movie SYNOPSIS: Natasha is a journalist who is searching for a big story and she finds just that when she starts investigating an abandoned project by the city of Sydney. It appears that the city was attempting to use the abandoned train tunnels under the city to build water recycling plants in order to solve the cities water …

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THE TUNNEL Gets New Poster with 1,000 Names

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u47cTpo70EE[/youtube] A new poster is up for the Distracted Media film THE TUNNEL. The poster was created by DLSHS and commissioned by Distracted Media as a way of thanking their investors. The image is comprised of a series of lines that contain the names of the first 1,000 people who purchased “frames” in the film. The film THE TUNNEL was …

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