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‘The Traiteur’s Ring’ Provides Support for the Navy SEALs


In August of 2011, the Navy SEAL community suffered its worst single day loss of life in its more than 50-year history when a team of SEALs aboard a special operations helicopter was shot down in Afghanistan. Like everyone with ties to the Naval Special Warfare, writer Jeffrey Wilson was deeply affected by this event. Everyone in the community is ...

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Book Review: The Traiteurs Ring – Author Jeffrey Wilson


THE TRAITEUR’S RING In all honesty I’d initially approached The Traiteur’s Ring with the same enthusiasm as a hippy in the late sixties regarded the Vietnam War. We’re faced with so many every day real horrors in 21st century living one may argue such grisly turmoil has no place within our fictional escapes. Wilson captures this statue of realism exploiting ...

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