Could A Theatrical Version Of THE STAND Finally Be Happening


I have lost count on the number of times I have posted news on a theatrical version of THE STAND gearing up and quite frankly, I’m a little leery to even shot this one your way but it is pretty solid sounding so lets roll with it. Director Josh Boone is king of the hill right now. He’s got himself a nice little hit film in THE FAULT IN OUR STARS and as such as … Continue reading

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With Affleck Playing Batman, THE STAND Gets A New Director


Way back before all the controversy of Ben Affleck being the new BATMAN genre fans were scratching their heads when it was announced that he was slated to direct the big screen adaptation of Stephen Kings’s THE STAND. In hindsight, seeing what he did with ARGO it would have been a coup to have him behind the camera. We’ll never know though as he has had to drop out of the gig because of not … Continue reading

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The Stand (2013)

SYNOPSIS: After the world is decimated by a man-made plague, a battle of literally Biblical proportions ensues between the survivors.

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Top 10 Horror Movies that got me thru Highschool


In a sentence that I feel will hit hard at home with a bunch of horror fans, I wasn’t a wildly popular young man as my high school career began. Through time and fiercely sticking to being the man that I am, I won over a great deal of folks, but it was certainly a war of attrition, one that took people I liked, lusted for and loved away from my life throughout the years. … Continue reading


Stephen Kings Thoughts on The Stand Remake

As you may have heard Warner Brothers is looking to remake The Stand into a major motion picture.¬† Many have loved the mini series and doubt the ability to tell this story in a short two hours.¬† However EWs Inside Movies caught up with Stephen King and got his thoughts on this proposed remake.¬† As always he is funny and insightful so read below and see what you think. “1. No one will be able … Continue reading

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KING Lists His Top Ten Thoughts On A Theatrical THE STAND


It was only a few days ago that I told you about Warner Bros. and CBS’s plan to bring THE STAND to the big screen.¬† The mini-series holds a special place for this horror fan (and many others I would presume) but I would be lying to you if I didn’t admit that I would love to see a big budget, no holds barred version. Stephen King has heard about this big screen version and … Continue reading


Warner Bros. and CBS teaming up to bring us THE STAND


Sure, we all have a soft spot for the mini-series that ABC did of THE STAND.¬† How can you not?¬† But this news that broke today is some of the best news this Stephen King fan has heard in a while. Warner Bros. and CBS films have teamed up and are bringing the epic end of the world tale to the big screen. AWESOME!! Now there is no cast or director info just yet, just … Continue reading

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List: 13 Road Horror Flicks That (Do or Will) Demand Your Attention


My favorite sub-genre in all of horror isn’t a sub-genre at all, really; it’s just an element. It’s a huge one, though, one that is as much an antagonist in most cases as the monsters, demons and killers themselves. It’s a sickness, a fascination, and like a moth to flame, I’m drawn to horror movies that deal with driving, roads, and travel like I’m drawn to nothing else in film. It’s either an asphalt fetish … Continue reading

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