The Rising (2014)

SYNOPSIS: A group of mercenaries are hired by a mysterious women to locate her brother in the jungles of Southeast Asia.

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Book Review: The Rising – Author Briane Keene


THE RISING Author Briane Keene Published by Leisure Books Publication Date: 2004 Format: Black /White – 336 pages Price: $7.99 The Rising is by far the most original and controversial horror novel I’ve ever had the privilege of reading. I’ll get to you on the controversial part in a few moments after I explain why this book is really good. Zombie novels are one of those books where horror fans and readers alike, like to … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Rising – premiere issue


The Rising premier issue. This new series is kept short and sweet at least on it’s debut issue. Right off the bat, readers will be blown away by the top notch artistry in this one. The issue is light on text so much will have to be understood thru visuals. It appears that the military are at war wit the DRACS but back at home, there is a peace treaty being negotiated. Of course not … Continue reading

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