A Profane Sneak Preview!


The producers of The Profane Exhibit are excited to announce a screen a sneak preview of their long-awaited horror anthology. For this event, we have chosen HorrorHound Weekend in Cincinnati Ohio on March 22, 2013. We will screen segments on Friday night. A Q&A will also be offered with various directors, producers, actors, and team members of the 13 segmented anthology … a few, of which, will have several very special announcements. Some of the … Continue reading

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Interview: Madelina Horn (The Profane Exhibit)


What do you think the relationship is between sex and horror? MH: They both play on the same idea of taboos + boundary pushing. They both attract the same kind of curiosity from the hearts of humanity. Since society is still largely based on religious moral standards, we see both sex + violence as taboo + wrong, yet are instinctively drawn to them, thus getting a rush from seeking out such naughtiness. Both sexuality + … Continue reading

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The Profane Exhibit: Updates with a Bloody Disgusting Still to Ruin your Day


New Update on The Profane Exhibit arrives with some disgusting photos you wont want to see Ruggero Deodato join “Coffin Joe”, Nacho Vigalondo, Ryan Nicholson, Andrey Iskanov, Michael Todd Schneider, Sergio Stivaletti, Marian Dora,Yoshihiro Nishimura, Richard Stanley, and Uwe Boll as directors of segments of The PROFANE EXHIBIT. Many more to still be announced The Profane Exhibit is an extreme international horror anthology film that was conceived, written, and produced by David Bond and Manda … Continue reading

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What the? ‘The Profane Exhibit’ – 3 Stills


Filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, we wanted to pass on these 3 stills from the new production “The Profane Exhibit”, looks like an extreme anthology is under way…..cool cover…….more to come!

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