Film Review: The New Girls (2009)


SYNOPSIS: N/A REVIEW: One of the most prolific filmmakers on the no-budget scene, the Jim-Van-Bebber-Through-the-Looking-Glass Sonny Fernandez, is at it again, with the entire crew in tow for his latest feature, The New Girls. This time out, we’re dealing with vampires, and…whoa, what? A daytime shot?!? Did that just happen? Yes, yes it did, and that’s a lot of what this movie is about: something new. We’ve all seen vampire movies, and we’ve recently seen … Continue reading

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The New Girls: 3 Vamps in new Fernandez Film

From Down Twisted Studios and Sonny Fernandez comes a new twist on the classic vampire genre titled the new girls. When three female vampires (Liz Dockter, Kim Haarman, Casey McMillan) swoop into a small town for a quick bite, they get more than they bargain for when one of them starts to fall in love with their food. Ben (Cody Tergesen) thinks he’s found the perfect girl, and not even his best friend (Justin Kavlie) … Continue reading

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