Trailer: The Gateway Meat (2008)

Trailer: The Gateway Meat (2008) The Gateway Meat is a disturbing and sadistic film, that strays far from the normal conventions of the horror genre. It is about a group of Satanists, living in a quaint, coastal fishing town. As the film progresses we get to know the character played by DeCaro himself, Markus. The film is mainly about how Markus struggles as he tries to deal with the great expectations that are placed on … Continue reading

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Film Review: The Gateway Meat (2009)


SYNOPSIS: Set in present time, the President has been assassinated and the world is over run with greed. Soon a small, quite town will run red with blood, as a small group of Satanists see this as a sign. REVIEW: Gateway Meat with its DVD sleeve and video disclaimer warnings is a film with a purpose. That purpose is shock, awe, and creating disbelief. In this case that statement is a marketing vehicle that comes … Continue reading

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