Film Review: The Eschatrilogy (2012)


SYNOPSIS: Three vignettes intertwine a common theme of the undead are delivered along with the reanimation of a buried undertaker. The dark man has diabolical plans to bring his infectious deeds and tales thereof to the world beyond. One obstacle stands in his way, a visionary of all that represents light and opposition of pure evil. REVIEW: Directed By: Damian Morter Starring: Stuart Wolfenden, Sarah Jane Honeywell, Damian Morter, Sam Cullingworth, Tim McGill Grieveson The … Continue reading

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Trailer: The Eschatrilogy (2012)

Trailer: The Eschatrilogy (2012) An anthology of three movies set within the zombie genre.

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Horror Comes in 3s with ‘The Eschatrilogy’


New from the folks at Safehouse Pictures UK, arrives a new micro budget anthology titled ‘The Eschatrilogy’ Synopsis: In a world overrun with monsters a young man named Matthew hides away in a hilltop camp. Matthew spends his days in solitude, collecting and burning the dead, until one day a stranger wanders into his sanctuary. The drifter carries with him a book containing three tales of the apocalypse. Matthew reads as a family home is … Continue reading

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The Eschatrilogy and a Demon called Storyteller – Stills and Trailer


A sneek peak at a new anthology titled “The Eschatrilogy”  – Produced by Nicola Morter Written & Directed by Damian Morter by SafeHousePictures “The Eschatrilogy” : The title of the book written by a demon known as “THE STORYTELLER”. Frustrated and angered by man’s arrogance and lack of fear “THE STORYTELLER” brandishes his own punishment on a small community, infecting the inhabitants, he causes them to release their own Inner Monster, turning friend against friend … Continue reading

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