Comic Book Writer-Turned-Filmmaker Breaks New Cinema Ground


Movie history is made this week with the release of The Bunker, the groundbreaking debut film from writer Joseph M. Monks, the world’s first blind film director. Commodity Films releases the DVD June 14th domestically, with streaming and IPTV releases scheduled for the Fall. Commodity Films’ CEO Russell Hess said, “I waited on the sidelines for a long time until the film was completed and ready. To say this is a momentous achievement would be the understatement … Continue reading

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Blind Filmmaker Puts Finishing Touches On Debut Feature: KICKSTARTER PROJECT


CAPE CORAL, FL: It’s been a journey spanning nearly 5 years, cast and crew replacements, two hurricanes, four states and a suicide, but comic book writer-turned-director Joe Monks, with one distribution offer firmly in place, says the end is finally in sight…so to speak. “We’ve had a zillion things go wrong,” says Monks of his directorial debut, The Bunker. “Everything from reshoots to footage being ruined because someone clueless was standing next to our cameras … Continue reading

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