Film Review: The Book (2010)

The Book poster 1

SYNOPSIS: “In the year 2284, bestselling author Alexis is confronted by lookalike beings who intend to take over his identity and use it to publish their own book. Known simply as The Book, it is their means of saving humanity. Unpredictable but often playful, these visitors engage Alexis and his family in a wild and provocative chase.” (courtesy )

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The Book: A Captivating New Fantasy Thriller

News on a new release just on the horizon. The Book: They Came From Inner Space is a new fantasy thriller written, directed and produced by Ø. The visually startling feature-length film has been said to possess cult classic potential and has already garnered 13 film festival awards. The film transcends the sci-fi & fantasy genre into a hybrid of its own, a futuristic fable that explores the theme of duality. The story takes place … Continue reading