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Film Review: The Aztec Box (2013)


SYNOPSIS: 4 college students dig up an ancient Aztec relic in their own backyard, only to discover a dark force that is attached to it. REVIEW: Two things have come along, enabling almost anyone to make a horror movie: changes in technology and the found footage sub-genre. Anymore, all you need is a digital camera, some editing software, a friend ...

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What Lies Within ‘The Aztec Box’?


Intriguing new stills from the set of the “The Aztec Box” have just been released!!! The film is expected to be released in 2013. The film is about four college students making a homemade reality show for a school assignment. Unexplained events start occurring at the house after the students, by accident, unearth an ancient Aztec sarcophagus in their backyard.

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