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Film Review: The Addicted (Rehab) (2013)


SYNOPSIS: A reporter, in an effort to get the big story, ventures into an abandoned re-hab clinic with her friends. Rather than the big story, she finds a malicious ghost. REVIEW: You wanna talk plot devices? How about a struggling journalist after a big storyβ€”one that may even turn her career around? How about several friends exploring an abandoned building ...

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Trailer: The Addicted – Red Band Trailer


Trailer: The Addicted – Red Band Trailer The story follows David, who in 1987 was a resident at “The Manor” Drug Rehab Unit. Whilst there he is being kept addicted to heroin by a Clinical Director Chris Hunter whilst he has an affair with David’s wife. Chris eventually poisons David with contaminated heroin leaving him with horrendous facial disfigurement and ...

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