Feast Your Eyes and Gobble up ThanksKilling 3


The “Raunchiest Puppet Movie Ever Made”*, ThanksKilling 3, debuts for the first time¬†on DVD this October just in time for the holidays. The comedy/ horror spoof sees the¬†return of original creators Jordan Downey and Kevin Stewart to the cult slasher series¬†that follows Turkie, the fowl-mouthed Thanksgiving villain. The original ThanksKilling was made for the minuscule budget of $3,500 while¬†Downey and Stewart were still in college. After years of marketing it themselves, and¬†with the help of … Continue reading

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Film Review: ThanksKilling 3 (2012)


SYNOPSIS: An evil Turkey referred to simply as Turkie slices and dices through an infomercial host, a rapping grandmother, a civil war enthusiast and a bi-sexual space worm along with his alien companion while on quest to retrieve every copy of the ill- fated ThanksKilling 2 on DVD.. REVIEW: Directed By: Jordan Downey Starring: Daniel Usaj, Joe Hartzler, Kevin Stewart, Jordan Downey I actually saw this film several weeks ago and have been rendered speechless … Continue reading

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Trailer: ThanksKilling 3 – Brown Band (2012)

Trailer: ThanksKilling 3 – Brown Band (2012) Fowl-mouthed villain Turkie carves through the likes of a rapping grandma, a mindless puppet, a wig-wearing inventor, a bisexual space worm, and their equally ridiculous friends on his quest to recover the last copy of “ThanksKilling 2″.

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