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Interview: Terrance Zdunich (The Devil’s Carnival)


What can you tell us about “Alleluia! The Devil’s Carnival” and where the idea stemmed from? Isn’t that the million dollar question! “The Devil’s Carnival” is a series so this is the second in that series. Part of the idea came from a continuation of this world we created in 2012. It was a weird theme park where carnies sing. ...

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The Molting #6: Allied Forces Sneak Peek


The Molting Comic Book series is an independent effort by author and illustrator Terrance Zdunich, created with the help of letterer Oceano Ransford and colorists Brian Johnson & Molly Rodman. The Molting Comic Book series paints the portrait of a dysfunctional American family in the early ’90s. Set against a decaying urban landscape in Anaheim, CA, the so-called ‘Happiest Place ...

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Terrance Zdunich (repo) – online art series


From Terrance Zdunich 3 months ago, I started a “killer” online art series called THE TUTOR where I demonstrated how to draw, paint, and the correct way to wield a chainsaw. For those of you who’ve been ditching class, I’ve compiled the final 3 lessons into one 3-minute clip for your horror and amusement: The Tutor series has been such a ...

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