Trailer: Sympathy (2007)

Trailer: Sympathy (2007) When a reckless bank robber and his rebellious teenage hostage hole up for the night in a bad motel, anything can happen. A mysterious stranger and dark twists of fate send this night into a descent of bloody madness in this deadly game of cat and mouse where nothing is what it seems. Lock yourself in for this claustrophobic tale that is equal parts classic suspense thriller and grindhouse horror

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Film Review: Sympathy (2007)


SYNOPSIS: Trip is having a really bad night. The evening started with Trip robbing a bank and then taking a teenage girl named Sara hostage. You would think that things would start to be bad after Trip shoots Sara in the shoulder, but that was before escaped convict Dennis suddenly shows up at their motel room. It is after Dennis gets ahold of the gun that things start to get really interesting. REVIEW: Director: Andrew … Continue reading

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