Film Review: Reform School Girls (1986)


SYNOPSIS: Jenny is sent to a women’s reform school. It is run by evil warden Sutter and her henchwoman Edna. Jenny will stop at nothing to escape but she also has to deal with Charlie the bully. REVIEW: Fans of female prison exploitation surely have heard of this one. If not, you’ll want to add this odd little gem to “that” collection. Why you ask, well namely this is former controversial punk metal head Wendy … Continue reading

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Interview: Sybil Danning (Halloween, Battle Beyond The Stars, Howling 2)


Hello again my faithful ones. I know it’s been awhile since I’ve blessed the masses with my words of wisdom but I’ve had some personal business to take care of. You know…some people ought to leave well enough alone. Especially if involves me, but in their insolence they continue to push my buttons even after I give em’ a pass. So they can only blame themselves for my wrath. I’ve said it before & I’ll … Continue reading

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