Book Review: Swan Song – Robert R. McCammon


SWAN SONG 1987 By: Robert R. McCammon Pocket Books The president of the United States makes a dire decision to engage in full blown nuclear warfare with the Soviets. With most of society obliterated the few survivors clamber to discover any grasp of hope. Sister Creep, a homeless lady from the streets of New York City discovers a majestic glass ring with glowing jewels and the ability to illuminate clairvoyance circumstances. Josh Hutchins a professional … Continue reading

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Book Review: Swan Song – Author Robert R.McCammon

Grunge paper

A blast from the past this week, with this classic Bram Stoker winning horror tome from the late 80s. I read this on the trusty Kindle. I dread to think how thick the print version is. You could probably hollow it out and live in it. Still, if you’re going to write about the end of the world then you need to do it justice. The author certainly does that. It’s an epic tale of … Continue reading

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Book Review: Swan Song – Author Jevron McCrory


SWAN SONG Author: Jevron McCrory Release Date: February 2010 Publisher: Vamplit Publishing Publication Date: 2010 Format: B & W Price: 2.99 I have a confession to make. When I started reading Jevron McCrory’s aptly titled novella Swan Song, I wanted to hate his protagonist. That’s not the confession. Nor is it a slam against McCrory’s writing. McCrory brings the character of Lewis Morrison, Swan Song’s male lead, across in vivid detail with a few well-chosen … Continue reading

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